My brother is turning 21 this Thursday and I have been searching for the perfect gift for him. I was thinking about getting him a date from London Gatwick escorts and possibly a hotel room where he can crash after. He is always working 40-50 hour weeks so it would be a great little break for him. I kind of owe it to him in away. Last year he took me to California for a weekend and it was the best time I have ever had. I was rather surprised that he did it for me but apparently he cares more about me than I thought. So, this year I want to show my love and gratitude to him and go all out for his birthday. Hopefully he enjoys what I am planning for him. It is his day so I’ll do whatever I can for him to make sure its a good one.

I have learned over the years that there are many pros and cons working in the escorting business. My main goal always is to stay safe and to be prepared for any negative or positive consequences that may arise from my actions.


  • Earning large amounts of money
  • Endless unexpected gifts and vacations
  • Flexible schedules


  • In some regions this businees is a crime and charges can be persued
  • Escorts typically can not be open about their career option with spouse, friends and family
  • Exposed to very dangerous situations
  • Health issues may arise – such as unwanted STD’s

Just always keep in mind that the money flow will never end and you can buy yourself anything that you have ever dreamed of in life. Your schedule is very flexible so you can take any vacation that you want and if you need rest because you are exhausted your bills are always paid!

I love talking on the phone, and so does my partner. We love to keep the spirit of our love alive by having trannie phone sex now and again. We wait until late at night or early in the morning, when we are both in bed, as he works out of town and sleeps in a hotel many nights. We easily get to talking about the many naughty things that we would like to do to one another. Once we get talking, we can’t ever seem to stop! We especially like to talk about fantasies that we have, and we try to role-play in our conversations. Sometimes, it’s not even activities that we would really do, it’s just conversation to keep us excited, plus we get the chance to act out our fantasies at least in a pretend world. This great activity has really helped my marriage by keeping things exciting, and I can’t wait to do it over and over again!

Every Friday night me and about 15 of my friends play poker for money starting at 7 pm and lasts until about midnight. After work I usually orders some pizza, subs and fill my coolers up with beer, pop and water. We have hours of fun and talk about work and about our families.

Once a month I will call in and ask for a couple of ladies from a Derby escort agency to stop in and visit us. We like meeting new people so we will ask for someone that has never stopped in at our gathering. They usually will come over for a couple of hours and they sit and play poker with us and they fit in like one of the guys. It is a pretty fun time and it has been our tradition for over 4 years.

I went over to my fuck buddies house this weekend and surprised him with a little breakfast. The local grocery store had a sale going on for donuts, fruit pie and Danish coffee cake. I did not know which one he would like, so I bought all of them along with a gallon of fresh orange juice.

He opened the door and saw me standing there with all of my goodies, he had a smile on his face from ear to ear and told me to on come in. I usually just do not drop in on him like that but I had not seen him in a couple of weeks and I was missing him.

We had a pretty good rest of the day, we took a stroll in the national park that has a great scenic view and then stopped for dinner and a very fancy restaurant. I ended up staying with him for a couple of days until it was time to go back to work.

I tried very hard to block out the conversation I heard last night, but it was to intense and funny not to keep listening in. I was sitting at the dinner table and I overheard my 50 year old mother on the phone with a man. They were apparently having passionate fuck buddy dating. My father died about ten years ago so I think my mother is due to move on and find somebody again. I did not expect this to be part of the search, but if it makes her happy than who am I to judge? I couldn’t help but smile as she walked back into the kitchen, and at that moment I knew that she was aware of me overhearing her. But like my mother always does, she went on with her nightly routine, ignoring the fact that I had caught her doing something.

While my friend Big Mike and I were visiting England on business we got some free time and went out for a good time. When two men get together they talk about many things and this is true of Big Mike and I. When Mike left the states he was already missing his baby and her momma.

Big Mike remarked to me about being lonely and having to eat alone with only me. It was just getting to him. I did what any man should do for his best friend. I looked on the internet and found a listing for Derby escorts. I was able to arrange a date for Big Mike and he was able to eat a nice meal away from home with some female company.

Big Mike still talks to me about going to England and seeing the country side on our business trip. He was very happy that I did my best for him and understood his needs. I am fairly sure Big Mike and I will return to England again next year, with or without baby momma.

As my birthday was approaching, I realized I was in desperate need of a massage. The muscles in my neck were sore from all the tension in my life as of late. I booked an appointment with a London bondage dominatrix that I had seen a few times before. When I arrived at the building, I noticed there was another car in the driveway that looked similar to my husband’s car. Knocking on the door, I waited until the therapist answered. It took a little longer than I thought it should for her to answer, so I started to get suspicious. Was it my husband who was there? The door opened a crack and the therapist answered in a silky robe. I asked if I could come in, and she said she was finishing with a client. The client came up the hall, buttoning his pants. The client, who happened to be my husband.